Website solutions and Custom Programming Solutions by
Website solutions and Custom Programming Solutions by
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Website solutions and Custom Programming Solutions by

We build template sites and custom sites.

What is the Difference? Well a template site is a professionally built site that we know works for flow, consumer retention, lead generation and solid search engine placement of the website. We take the template and change it to match your needs in color, slogans and design. A custom website is our graphic artists and programmers working on your site from then ground up.

We take all your needs and likes and build you a unique site that not only is functional but has all the features of our back end lead management systems.

We can build custom shopping carts to sell items or build custom search options. Or we can just make you a unique design. The main difference is the amount of time it takes us to build a site.

A template site takes less time and hence costs less. But as you can see our template sites are not straight templates. We still take your needs and likes into consideration to build the site.

The template is only the starting point. Custom sites are not quoted here because every one is different. We have built custom sites from $500 to $100,000. Some people like to build their website small at first them build up later. Some start larger and build up or down as business goes.

We are a full service company that works with you all the way. We essentially become your web partner and work with you on all your web needs. Our goal is to keep you as a long term customer and by helping you create a successful website we accomplish our goal. If you have some special website that you want to build or just have questions feel free to email

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